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About myself

My name is Ana Gloria Segura Guerra, I was born in El Salvador in Central America, and I came to Australia in 1987. I started piano when I was 11 years old, my dad was my first piano teacher, he had a Music Studio and he was always very busy. He was also a High School teacher like my mother, so our house was full of books and interesting things.

Growing up was very intense for me, I always had many hobbies and interests, but music was my favorite. I studied music for many years, and I started helping my dad with his studio.  My life was tough because I was at high school and  at the same time I was studying piano and tending so many musical commitments. I was also very active playing sports and other things that I used to do. Even with all my multiple duties and hobbies, I did enjoy that part of my life immensely.

During my teenage years I participated in many Piano concerts and presentations;  I was also invited to play on TV  few times, I played at shopping centers, I participated in many charity presentations during Christmas time and I won a piano competition too, hosted by TV channel 2. My dad used to have piano recitals at the end of the year, where students used to perform, also other artists where invited to join our recitals, just to have variety.

I am very passionate person in everything I do, especially in music. I love music so much and I always keep myself busy continuing learning about different techniques, ways to teach more effectively and my main goal is to ignite  my students with knowledge that will help them to develop their musical skills, skills that later on they can pass to others. 

I have been teaching piano for over 40 years and I have lots experience with children, teenagers and adult students. In addition to music, I graduated in Accounting which was done overseas and here in Australia I studied for 2 years in Business and Computer management at The Macarthur University, I done other courses at TAFE including computers, business  sewing, English courses, also Tax course with HR Block just to update my accounting skills. Recently I've been participating in many music Webminars, I done  short music online courses and I completed the AMEB 8th grade Piano comprehensive and Grade 4 Music theory. I am an accredited piano teacher with the Music Teachers' Association o NSW.

I like keeping myself busy and look for ways to improve myself and I love sharing my time with my students.



Work History

Music Teacher

Since 1978 until now

I started teaching piano when I was 15 years old at the same time  that I was studying music and doing my HSC. I used to help my dad with his studio, teaching beginners. 

In Australia I started teaching kids in my own language in 1990-2004. From  2005 I started teaching kids from different background  until now.

At the present time I work at my own Piano studio which I run by myself.

Accounting reconciliation Officer- Australia


Work as Data entry for Australia Post  at head office in Sydney and I was appointed to a temporary position as Accounts clerk at Australia Post Revenue Accounting Section, position that I had for more than 3 years.



I started as a permanent position with Australia Post retail area in 1999; I work in different Post Offices as retail officer. In 2005 I was appointed Supervisor 1, position that I held until 2021 when I retired.


AGS Piano News

Competition Winners




















Awards 2021


I want to say thank you to all  the students for participating in our "End of The Year Recital".
We managed to do it this year and I am very proud of all the performances.
This year we have new awards for the five students who scored the highest points when practicing using Tonara. Congratulations!!!

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Medal winners

Veronica Lwin

Ryan Wijaya

Lily Keanie

Abigail Amurao

Also congratulation to Natalie Wong for reaching high score using Tonara.

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AMEB Certificates

The following student did their AMEB exams and obtained wonderful results. Congratulations and keep working hard. 

Ivy Keanie, Lily Keanie, Solange Hidalgo, Felicity Roson, Joshua Hooton, Keil Perrett, Ryan Wijaya, Mia Phommata, Charlee Pisani, Vashni Ravikumar, Riley Perrett, Leizara Tanuvasa, Isabella Mizzi, Alexis Brunt, Rashid Abuzarov, Yasmina Mclean, Veronica Lwin.



Recital 2021

Our Recital was on the 19 of December 2021. Twenty two of our students participated and they did wonderful performances. We also had new students and they did a well. The end of the year Recital has become a tradition in our studio, even though we could not have one last year but we were very fortunate to have it this year. 
I want to thank all the parents for all the help and contributions, also The Uniting Church at Camden for giving us the opportunity to use the venue.  We are looking forward for next year's Recital and I wish you all Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

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Welcome to our studio Matilda

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Welcome to our studio Tobias

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First Recital for Felicity

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First Recital forJasmine

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First Recital for Patience

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First Recital for Solange

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