Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I want to say thank you to all the participants on this competition. We had more than thirty entries. Everyone did very well, and all the scores were very close in all sections.

I did not have anything to do with the marking results, but I did listen all the recordings and I am feeling very proud of all of you, thank you for all the effort and time, to me "All of YOU" are winners.

There were two sections where we had multiple winners, and I found fair to give the medals to everyone that achieved same score.

The assessment was focus on different aspect of music such as: dynamics, clarity, music flowing, sound and overall performance.

The winners will have medals and I congratulate everyone that participate in this competition. Keep working hard to achieve greater results.


First Section - Beginners

Matilda Ayres

Kaemon Rai

Section 2 - First to Second Grades

Joshua Hooton

Keil Perrett

Lily Keanie

Solange Hidalgo

Section 3- Third Grade

Ryan Wijaya

Section 4 - Fourth Grade

Isabella Mizzi

Section 5 - Fifth to Sixth Grades

Alexis Brunt

Section 6 - Seventh to Eight Grades

Natalie Wong

Special Mention

The following participants, their score were very very close to the winners.

Congratulations and keep working hard. I am very proud of everyone. ​ Section 1 -Beginners Shimeka Hewawasam ​ Section 2 - First and Second Grades Alexander Silver Felicity Roson ​ Section 3 - Third Grade Mia Phommata Charlee Pisani Section 4 -Fourth Grade Leizara Tanuvasa

Riley Perrett ​ Section 5 - Fifth to 6th Grades Yasmina Mclean ​ Section 6- Seventh to Eighth Grades Veronica Lwin Abigail Amurao


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